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April 13, 2020by ParkAide Mobile0

A More Personalised Mode of Transport
The public will avoid taking public transport that may expose them to physical contact. You will see a shift from private drivers driving to bus stations and LRT stations to driving directly into the city.

Car Sales Take a Dive
Car manufacturers are having hard time as market demand plummets. Decisions to purchase new cars have been put to hold amid psychosocial anxieties and worrying economic uncertainties. But don’t get us wrong, cars are here to stay. And they need a place to park. Now is the time to spruce up your parking facility to prepare for the hike in demand. Remember, the early bird gets the worm; always!

Workplace Revolution
With companies asking their employees to work remotely to reduce operating costs during the crisis, many commercial buildings may see long-term parking in their buildings vapourised and may need to reach out to non-tenants for take up of their excess parking bays. Are you one of them?

There Will Be a New Normal
Working nine to five in a rigid office space may be a thing of the past. Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined how we now work and play. The crisis has turned out to be a catalyst to a workplace revolution. More people will adopt more flexible working schedules through working from home. Workers may only come to office on certain days of the week and may turn to satellite offices in the city and neighbourhood complexes.

Cashless Car Parks Will Be Preferred
The COVID-19 pandemic will clearly leave behind some changes as to how the public would use parking lots. Manual notes collection counters and ticketing systems may soon become a turnoff for the public amid anxieties on infection risk. Drivers may be willing to spend a little more on a cleaner and more secure car park where the least point of contact going in and out would be preferred. In other words, ride on technology.

Social Distancing May Lead to Wider Parking Bays
Building owners are always conscious of their bottom line – how many parking bays can bring them the returns they are looking for. With a new normal emerging from this crisis, building owners may trade off fewer parking bays for wider parking bays to gain the confidence from the public to use their car parks. Parking lines at car parks may be redone to accommodate this new preference in future. It may only be a prediction, but what can be predicted can come true.

More Aggressive Parking Bay Marketing
Building owners may no longer be in a situation where tenants will fully utilise their parking bays. More building owners will resort to more modern parking equipment that would help them list their parking bays on the Internet. Time will see parking bays becoming an active commodity in the e-marketplace like purchasing face masks and hand sanitisers online. Are you ready for this business transformation?

Will the Car Park Business Survive?
Yes and no. While some may survive and thrive, others will die off. The deciding factor will be how fast car park owners and operators adapt to changes. Like they always say, the only thing that is constant is change. A new business model will emerge to decide how parking space will be marketed in the near future. Car park operation and management will be more simplified through technology and artificial intelligence to achieve non-human intervention situations; machines and terminals will be converted to be automated and unattended.

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Adapting to Changes Amid COVID-19