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April 15, 2020by ParkAide Mobile0

The Impact of MCO


Bill Gates once said “The worst pandemic in modern history was the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed tens of millions of people. Today, with how interconnected the world is, it would spread faster.” Such impact can already be seen amid the occurrence of Covid-19. With the virus  affecting up to 210 countries around the world and the confirmed cases of infected patients reaching 1.3 million, there is no telling when the pandemic will be eliminated. Acknowledging this, maximum efforts can be seen taken by countries around the world to address the issue – a lockdown, or a movement control order to prevent a further spread of the virus. Albeit being effective in countries like Malaysia, the restriction on movement has inevitably taken its toll on the global economy. While we have seen slight improvements and one of the lowest death rates around the world due to the implementation of MCO, we are also seeing the devastating effects it has had on the economic welfare of Malaysian citizens. Non-essential businesses are no longer allowed to operate, facing possible cash flow constraints. Owners of facilities and premises, such as buildings or parking bays, would not be able to fully utilise their assets to generate income as the reduction of travel around the country is equivalent to the reduction of cars in these locations.


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Adapting to the Impact


Quoting Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change”. While it is believed that the pandemic of Covid-19 can only truly be extinguished when a vaccine to the virus is discovered, there is no guarantee that its fabrication can take place in the near future. Therefore, it is imperative for us to adapt to a “new norm” should the MCO be lifted in the absence of a vaccine. What would the “new norm” be? Primarily, it is to engage in businesses or activities that is devoid of human contact as much as possible. The exchange of coins and money notes is arguably one of the most common ways humans have contact with one another. This would also mean that individuals will be most vulnerable when purchasing something or paying for certain services via these means. With that being said, it is absolutely vital to consider making payments via cashless payment platforms as this would maximize the mitigation of direct social contact, as opposed to traditional modes of payment.

Photo Credit:  Jonathan Beckman


The Solution 


ParkAide is a company that offers a cashless parking system to tackle the difficulties and issues effectuated by Covid-19 and its repercussions. Ultimately, the cashless parking system would address two main issues; offering contactless payment services, as well as a solution to reduce the operating costs burdening building owners and landlords. We believe our capabilities and conduct can efficaciously help people around the nation overcome impending issues which will be faced, should the MCO be lifted in the near future. Hence, if you are a building owner or landlord who is interested in our solutions, you are invited to have a conversation with our team to gain a clearer perspective on what we can offer.





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