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April 28, 2020by ParkAide Mobile0

Zoom Exhaustion

It is true enough that ever since the movement control order, we all have plunged into Zoom without much hesitation compared to any planned digital transformation exercises that may take years to implement in a company.

“ I experience more fatigue compared to working physically in the office, and yet working from home was supposed to be a more toned down and relaxed setting of work.”  Experts have validated on the otherwise, in fact Zoom meetings are rather more tiring than usual. This includes increased visual cues interpretation, silence in participants to video lagging experiences and other reasons that may make one drained out from long hours Zoom meetings.

Here are a few ways that may help mitigate your Zoom fatigue.

  1. Provide option to turn off Camera

Turning off you your camera maybe helpful to allow less visual cues and fatigue to your eyes focusing just the speaker’s video and screen. Imagine a round table discussions faces projected to you in one screen instead of one at a time when you physically speak to someone. The drain out is real. Organiser should be considerate and allow participants to turn off their cameras in the meeting.

  1. Use effective power point visuals

Many of us may think we may not require power points because it maybe a simple briefing and converse through face to face video conversation in a zoom sessions. Turns out, it is more tiring when someone has to capture ideas and questions through video conferencing and it may affect the clarity of the speaker’s message. We may lessen this fatigue by simplifying the message delivery process through simple power point visual.

  1. Take measured breaks between sessions

We may take in meetings without looking at our calendar as things have become virtual and ‘harder’ to call for a reschedule. It is important to have breaks in between meetings, plan your meetings and use calender invites to monitor and manage your schedule so it wouldn’t tire you too much.

  1. Keep it concise and short

As much as Zoom trial account 40-minit is annoying, it may be a good check to make us keep things concise and effective. Avoid reconnecting your sessions again and leave further discussions offline.

  1. Order a snack/drink for your participants before meeting

Getting some snack/drink for your participants may make their day, you may order these through food ordering apps like Grab Food, Food Panda and others before the meeting. Try to time an hour lead time before the meeting so your participants may not be interrupted during the course of the meeting.

All and all, the Zoom transformation can mean a better world with more people optimising time and resources to communicate effectively. The connectedness can mean less resources wasted in travelling, formality turning business to a less wasteful situation. Business seekers can focus in giving value while clients are more open to a more simplified communication setting. I can recall one of those days where I had to take a flight down from KL to Johor Bahru just for a few meetings and head back on the same day evening when these can be done through a 3-hour zoom meeting. It surely is going to be a good catalyst to better work practice if we manage the downsides of it

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