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    Convenience Simplified
    ParkAide Mobile has been designed to give you –tenants / merchants/
    building owners – a hassle free parking system. It combines the
    convenience of a smartphone application and the luxury for people
    to park, pay and keep track of their parking expenses anytime,
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    ParkAide Platform
    ParkAide Mobile provides car park operators a means to enhance their
    parking systems in cost-efficiency, convenience and eco-friendliness.
    ParkAide Mobile can also be used as an advertising platform to keep
    customers up-to-date with the latest promotions and other benefits
    being offered.

Real Time Availability

Car park operators will be able to keep track of the number of bays available and transactions made in real time.

Web-based Management

Everything from reports to status updates to transactions is managed online over the cloud through a simple user interface.

Customer Connect

Be linked directly to your customers within the vicinity or more specifically, within the building through Customer Connect. Based on a bidding system, tenants can buy ad space to reach potential customers in their proximity.

Fleet Control

Sign up 2 or more vehicles under a shared fleet account for quick payment and easy tracking. Fleet control is open to anyone who wishes to register at least 2 vehicles under 1 account.

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    There is no need for cash handling as all payments are made online; thus, minimizing fraud.


    ParkAide’s bay counter is less costly as it does not require expensive investments in hardware and setup.


    All machines are integrated under the car park operator’s existing system thus removing the need to purchase and install new barricades and gates.


    ParkAide’s Book-A-Bay feature provides car park operators the option to create and manage their own reserve section for parkers. The car park attendants simply have to direct Book-A-Bay customers to the reserve section. Each time a Book-A-Bay customer enters the car park, the attendants will receive a notification.


    ParkAide’s express valet parking system only requires a scan of the smartphone to identify where a customer’s car is parked and who parked it.


    A cost saving way of managing season passes where the smartphone becomes the season pass.


    Retrieve real time reports on transactions, sales of vouchers, reservations and many more.


    Look out as there will be more benefits coming your way in the near future!