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Freedom and Power of Automation

Digitise your
car park business with Parking 101

We get you up and running quickly, grow efficiently and meet your constantly changing needs

Take advantage of its cutting-edge features, and embrace change

Stay competitive
Creates a level playing field for booth large multinationals and smaller parking operators

Increased productivity
Transforms efficiency through automation

Cost efficient
Curbs cost escalation and reduce the impact of inflation

Easy access to business data
Monetises data assets for sales growth and provide superior customer experience

Enhanced security
Prevents leakages

Enhanced information integrity and preservation
Better control of business information and disaster recovery

Business processes transformation and enabling more efficient work flow
Achieves efficiency when employees work smart and work together as cumbersome tasks are automated and customer as well as business data employed efficiently

Space efficient
Eliminates storage since real estate space is expensive

The digitisation process gives you green credits as it is an eco-friendly initiative

Turbo Charge
Your Transformation

No matter how you access and use Parking 101 applications – anywhere, anytime, and across your devices – you will receive the same reliable, seamless experience and enterprise-grade security to protect your business data and valued customers. Parking 101 solutions are designed to get you up and running efficiently and quickly, as well as help you minimize and perhaps even avoid growing pains altogether as your growth needs change over time

Unshackle Your Limitations

Parking 101 seeks to help your employees work smarter as a cohesive group, automate cumbersome manual tasks and monetize business and customer data. Its cloud and mobile solutions are set to transform business processes and enable new workflows to drive business transformation and efficiencies

Seize the Advantage

Parking 101 has all the advantages without the prohibitive upfront development capital expenditures and the dependency on in-house IT infrastructure. The rewards far outweigh the risks when you replace your existing systems with today’s modern cloud and mobile applications that is in Parking 101. You will eliminate the daunting and complex tasks of systems integration and management and a whole host of other business interruption.

Improved efficiency, access to enterprise-grade security and increased mobility through the Parking 101 solution to capitalize on digitization and automation as a competitive advantage.

The Solution

Parking 101 significantly breaks down the silos of your traditional business processes and systems. Parking 101 applications connect customers and business data, promote intelligent decision making, optimize operational efficiency and transform your workflow from end to end.

Parking 101 brings together CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities into modular applications that work to resolve specific car park management challenges across sales, customer service, finance, field service and operations of your car park. It serves single car park operators as well as large chain car park operators.

Monthly Pass Acount
Management Simplified

ParkBills, is a state-of-the-art platform for automated monthly pass account management system that seamlessly connects monthly pass parking customers with field access control parking equipment and accounting system. ParkBills handles pass application, termination, refund, reactivation, log-in and log-out listing in addition to other vital management features, making hundreds or thousands of monthly passes management seems effortless.

The system is a mobile friendly Web-based solution coupled with an intuitive interface personalized to your unique business requirements.

Manage infinite
season pass accounts

ParkBills is fully automated with a simplified backend solution that enables operators to manage infinite number of monthly pass accounts effortlessly

Up Your Game in Sales and Marketing

ParkSales is an automated system that works together with your parking equipment and other frontend systems and payment solutions such as ParkAide mobile application, gathering sales transaction data across all frontend devices used and compares their theoretical sales data against actual transactions to provide you with significantly improved market intelligence and customer insights to allow you to seamlessly market your parking bays by just a few clicks away on the dashboard. ParkSales opens up your horizon to see and analyze your customer data, spot winning sales tactics and/or fix inefficient and broken processes,

It is also a centralized parking products development and pricing engine that could stream parking product features and prices created onto ParkAide mobile application, digital signboards, parking equipment and website.

ParkSales guide your team with role-specific workflows and familiar processes  built around sales best practices. Using customers data and behaviors insights to customize and enhance parking product development and pricing for more market impact to nurture relationships with your customers. Making this data more readily available to your team means more personalized and targeted interactions that lead to improved sales results.

Casual or Season?

ParkSales, together with ParkAide Mobile, breaks all limitation for your parking product offerings.

Your parking time packaging and pricing will no longer be limited by the functionality of your parking equipment and other frontend systems.

Filling your parking bays and creating higher bay turnover for your car park is now made easy and the process is creatively limitless

Automating Parking System,
Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

ParkSEMS (Parking System, Equipment Maintenance and Repairs Solution) is an integrated Web-based software designed for parking systems, equipment repairs and maintenance coordination processes. It connects the parking systems and equipment health to its car park service personnel, asset owners and technical service providers.

ParkSEMS coordinates repair calls and preventive maintenance schedules efficiently to ensure a high level of equipment uptime, prolong equipment lifespan, reduce lifespan cost and share critical maintenance information seamlessly through the automation of resource planning.

Formula of Operational Excellence

ParkSEMS minimizes breakdown interruption through an automated and efficient parking system and equipment repairs and maintenance management system.

ParkSEMS affords you :

  • Prolong assets lifespan
  • Reduced repair costs and maintenance frequencies
  • Control on purchase and provision of parts
  • Reduced breakdown time
  • Improved response time
  • Reduced leakages and operational risks
  • Improved technician efficiency and productivity
  • Effective asset management for better ROI (return on investment)
  • Heightened customer experience

Excellent human resource
performance thrills customers all the time

ParkRoster is a specially designed human resource management (HRM) planning system for your daily car park operations. Car park operators can streamline staff roster, attendance, inspection records, overtime and absence trends triggering available staffs to fill vacant work position via SMS (short messaging system) and email.

ParkRoster has a real-time connection to Parking 101 to give an accurate cost reflection on incurred overtime to provide management decision on budget forecast.

Accurate Data equals
excellent service delivery

ParkRoster allows car park staff to apply for annual leave or sick leave and list their period of absence on or after normal working hours for contingency measures in the event a car park requires additional manpower.

With a curated performance rating system, it will now be easier for managers to appraise staff performance and accurately and appropriately reward performers.

Stay Organize and Efficient

ParkSOP is a robust back-end solution designed to provide your car park operations with a fully guided step-by-step service delivery system and procedure to handle and manage the daily activities that take place in your car park. ParkSOP can be modified and customized to meet the needs of your business model and organizational processes.

Benefits of having written SOPs :

Reducing Risks

It is your exceptional business Superior

ParkSOP works with other modules of Parking 101 to perform the checks and balances exercise for car park collection, equipment breakdown and staff daily tasks performance to ensure a high service operation integrity.

ParkSOP will update the Parking 101 dashboard in the event of any procedural discrepancies and alerts for the necessary non-compliance rectification.

The 24-hours car park monitor and customer communication platform

ParkEyes is a centralized, 24-hours remote car park service delivery solution which employs advanced online technology to provide you an effective and immediate communication with your customers around the clock with no downtime. ParkEyes allows you the opportunity to setup your own remote Customer Care Centre or join a shared call centre of your choice and join the worldwide trend of managing cost effective, fully automated car park operations.

Key Benefits :

ParkEyes enables car park operators

Manage diverse sites and equipment using a single premium service
Handle ticketing, security, dispute resolution and boom gate operations remotely and efficiently
Increase visibility and control while reducing staff numbers and costs
Free up on-site staff to focus on personal customer service
Reduce equipment downtime and improve efficiency

Intelligent Financial Survey System

ParkCheck provides alternate, independent insights into your parking business. It generates insightful comparisons and analytics on your car park performance based on theoretical against actual data. ParkCheck is the perfect tool to employ to forecast and improve the accuracy of sales estimation for your parking business across all frontend devices used, ranging from total casual tickets and monthly passes transactions, daily and weekdays as well as weekend vehicle volume trends, lane-by-lane vehicle volume analysis and forecast revenue in comparison to actual.

Using existing CCTV feeds, ParkCheck provides a rich simulation of car park performance and customers behavioural data such as type of parking customers, their length of stay and by adding various pricing scenarios, you can now develop new revenue models for your car park to enhance sales. ParkCheck can also be used for your car park business sales due diligence exercise.

Higher productivity

ParkCheck generates curated reports through an-easy to read template without requiring much post editing and modification for your immediate management decision

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